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we’ve moved to a new home!

it’s official! i’ve moved to a new site! head on over to to keep up with the illustrations, calligraphy, stationery, advertisements and more that will my days, and thank you for visiting me at this little space.

so sorry for the massive delay of this post. SHOULD be redirecting you to, but if you’re here, just click the image above to see my latest work. and if you’re interested in the blog, i’ve changed to a tumblr illustration based format you can check out right here!

thanks so much, love from the wonderful world of rinnykinland (including me, katherine)! see you on the new site!

Clickworthy: Week of September 30th, 2013

back with another round up of what’s super duper, worth noting, freaking cool or just plain readable. first week of fall, here we go!

for the week of september 23rd…

- “…the elevator to success is broken. get out and take the stairs…” – the incredible 3 minute kick in the ass talk from the fabulous Jenifer Lewis on success and living your life during the opening night screening of Baggage Claim (wanna see it!). do yourself a favor and watch this, it will get you up out of that chair!

- a short, thoughtful article on how women in Palestine, specifically refugees, are learning yoga – as women there are rarely allowed to participate in any sports, the effects physically, mentally and emotionally have been good – namaste!

- why generation Y yuppies are unhappy (plus the hilarious stick figure and unicorn illustrations that accompany it) recently went viral and for good reason – it’s honest, to the point and encourages all of us gen Yers to face reality… life is tough, deal with it.

- not a big fast food person by any stretch, but have always thought chipotle was particularly good. really loving their commitment to natural products and the animated scarecrow video they recently made to promote their sustainable practices… and this stop-motion video they made in 2011 is still my fav (so creative and the characters are all so cute!)…

- dusty and awesome photos from the wild and crazyness that was Burning Man 2013… wanna go!


another week, another manic monday – here’s to getting things done and a bit of spontaneous awesomeness to break up the week!

images courtesy of (clockwise from top left) calligraphuck, zim and zou, the impossible project and nasa’s instagram

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project update: a locanda verde rehearsal dinner

time for another project spotlight!

liz and cole recently got married (just this past weekend, yay, woohoo, congratulations!), and the rinnykin team had a blast coming up with a sophisticated and distinctly new york design for their rehearsal dinner invitation. after doing some really fun work for liz’s bridal shower stationery (will post soon!), and their original nautical save the date, it was so special to be able to help design one of the last pieces their closest guests would receive before the big day.

the rehearsal dinner was held at the oh so swank, so chic locanda verde in tribeca (of mr. robert de niro fame). the groom’s parents (and fabulous hosts of this lovely soiree) wanted the invitation to tie into the luxurious feel of the wedding invitation, while still maintaining a unique, slightly more casual vibe. the space itself served as the inspiration – exposed beams, a beautiful stone fireplace, and long farm tables accompanied by the classically modern Le Marais chairs, not to mention the gorgeous secret garden views through the sky high french doors. everything ties together to create a truly magical and rustic space – accented simply with the warm glow of candlelight.

talk about a perfect jumping off point!*

recreating the warm, signature tablescape on paper was pure joy, as shown above.

ultimately however, the client and i agreed that since many people would be coming from outside of nyc and visiting locanda verde for the first time, the coolness factor of the custom handdrawn tablescape wouldn’t dawn on them until the rehearsal dinner.

so instead we went with a slightly more practical design which included a graphic map (for everyone coming from outside manhattan, and as a quick reference for the diehard new yawkers) and a sweet star to signify the magical event that was going to take place!

all in all a really fun project, for absolutely wonderful clients. and it sounds like it was a beautiful night, and a beautiful weekend. congrats again cole and liz and co.!

if you have an event coming up you’d like to really customize, by all means, reach out here! whether it’s a special venue, or a special pet, the rinnykin team specializes in custom illustration : )

*photo credit to noah fecks from the locanda verde site

names and information on invitations has been changed for privacy

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